walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Oh, Zillow: You Are So Cute When You Are Wrong

Zillow sent me email telling me that its zestimate (tm) of the value of something or other has changed! Often I ignore these things, but I was in a zillow kind of mood. Earlier today, on a walk around the neighborhood, R. picked up a check. We looked at who it was made out to and I thought, hey, I bet we can find someone with that last name in our town and deliver this to who it belongs to. I could (because genealogy has really helped me with the surname predictions) and we did and I called ahead before heading over and then we had a nice chat at the door. Anyway. The house to which we delivered it seemed to R. to have previously belonged to the cousins of someone he used to live with so when we got home, I thought I'd look up the last sale of the house, which turned out to be 1999 and then, because I Am That Person, I did a little further snooping on Mass Land Records.

While I was at Zillow, however, I looked something up, and ran across this highly entertaining paragraph:

"Among 01720 homes, this home is valued 41.6% more than the midpoint (median) home, but is valued 7.3% less per square foot. Foreclosures will be a factor impacting home values in the next several years. In 01720, the number of foreclosures waiting to be sold is 2.9% higher than in Acton, and 66.7% less than the national average. This higher local number may prevent 01720 home values from rising as quickly as other regions in Acton."

There's only one zip code in Acton and it is 01720. Zillow, you are so adorable when machine writing text.

The kids are hanging with the sitter (she met them at open gym). We had lunch at El Huipil, which meant we got a good look at the lack of a parking garage that is the newest feature of Maynard.

I've been trying out Duolingo, with Spanish. That's sort of fun.
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