walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Big Binder of Wisdom

Since I am now an alternate trustee at the library in town, and have attended two meetings as an alternate (one of which went three hours and the other went four) and since there is a second meeting scheduled for this month (let's just say this was more time commitment in the first couple months than I anticipated over the entire year and leave it at that), I have decided it's High Time I arrived with something more than a steno pad and a pen which I then largely ignore.

To solve the problem of Let's Review Document X and the related problem That's Described in Document Y, I am assembling the Big Binder of Board Wisdom. I noticed that other trustees have binders loaded with assorted documents. I now have a binder, and I have loaded it up with all the documents referred to in meetings so far that I was able to find. I'm missing some job descriptions (Clerk II, for one). I used the library trustee book I bought to get some additional ideas for documents to include. I inadvertantly left my car at the library yesterday/overnight (volunteered in the morning, was picked up by R. and Teddy and never got around to retrieving it), which gave me an opportunity today to make several photocopies and pick up some brochures from the front desk. I also talked to the Director yesterday about what should go in such a binder (and for her help in finding the documents I photocopied today). She asked if I'd be willing to make up such a binder for the other alternate. There's also a new trustee. I figure I should probably make an effort to get in touch with them both to find out if they want copies made up, or if they just want the list of documents and where to find them and will assemble them on their own, or if they've been ambitious enough to have already done this on their own.

The process of assembling this binder actually made me feel better about the whole alternate trustee thing. And the process of writing up a wish list of what I want to happen at the library made me feel better still.
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