walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

of Vondel and file formats

I had this idea today. Hey, I should read a book about Joost van den Vondel! He's Dutch. He's from the Golden Age. His parents were Mennonites. Seems relevant, right?

I found a _great_ book, even. In English, no less, and from 2011, an academic press published it as the introductory volume in a series about drama in Europe (Vondel was a playwright). But out of print, and copies are scarce and the asking price is > $200, which seems a little excessive. But you can read it online for free! Cool! Ow I hate reading stuff online.

Oh, but you can download the pdf! Awesome! I dumped the pdf onto my kindle, but the font is really small. Hmmm. So I used cloud convert to turn that pdf into a azw3 file so the font would be adjustable -- and lost all the page numbering (sort of a given) and it looks _terrible_.

I will continue to contemplate my options. Fortunately, it's a collection of essays, so reading it in small chunks is a viable option.
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