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Today's Activities Include: babysitter, bike rides, genealogy meeting

T. has been negotiating separately with our regular babysitter. She keeps telling him that he has to go through us to arrange to have her come over. T.'s not really buying it. It's sort of hilarious. In any event, as a result of his efforts, A. and T. went with her for a few hours in the middle of the day: Johnny Rockets, a visit to some babies, etc. Meanwhile, R. went on a nice long bike ride and I went down to Sudbury for Massog Middlesex's monthly meeting, which included a really excellent presentation about genealogy and the cloud. And next month is going to be Dick Eastman, here in Acton and my son has already lined up a babysitter for himself and his sister. Really, my life is complete at this point. ;-)

T. and R. went on a bike ride; they got drizzled on but not struck by lightning or anything bad like that. Then they went to McD's. Meanwhile, M. came over for a brief visit, and A. watched more Phineas & Ferb. She didn't notice M.'s departure and was grief stricken when she realized that M. was gone. I decided what this Really Meant was I Need More Mama Time, so I stretched out on the chaise, put her on my lap and we watched Phineas & Ferb together. She settled right down as we laughed hysterically, pointed out (repeatedly) sightings of the Giant Baby Head and sang along with the theme song. Good Times.

I'm currently reading Alfie Kohn's latest book, _The Myth of the Spoiled Child_, which I of course cannot help but agree with relentlessly because, Alfie Kohn and, duh, tone of typical parenting article/book/screed. It is So Strange that after 20 years of reading Kohn (and Howard Gardner and a host of other people who I discovered more recently, but still some years ago, like Lawrence Cohen, Ross Greene), I now realize how many of them live in Boston Metro. With very little effort, I could probably go to a presentation once a month from someone whose books I'd been familiar with for one or more decades, without traveling more than 30 miles. I don't (because I have small children, and they get all clingy if I'm never home, plus, guilt!), but I could.
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