walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: new bike, swim, play date, school

Both kids went to school today. A. had a half day so she had a swimming lesson before school. She's really loving making a splash when jumping into a pool. She's working on getting to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a toy.

After school, we went to the play therapist; we had a good time. There were great racquets with soft netting that I'm having trouble finding to buy for ourselves.

A. and I went to the toy store, where we got a new bubble machine. R. is currently putting batteries in it. We also got small speakers with dancing fountains on top. They had it on display and it was hypnotic. But they were displaying green ones and of course we had to get pink.

T. seems good with his new bike. We'll see if that lasts. Otherwise, I'll be ordering him the Electra Straight 8 from REI. Which would be a lot more expensive than the bike he just got.
Tags: daily activities
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