walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I Hate Bike Shops

Not all, of course. But a lot of them. And right at the moment, I'm not real happy with my husband, either. For over a decade, I've been screaming, writing, etc. about how derailleurs do more to stop people from riding bikes than anything else in the world and it's really unnecessary, because internal gear systems are readily available at a competitive price and they are really, really good.

So R. was shopping for a 24 inch bike with internal gears for T., or one that could be made to accept same. He spent hours on this _after_ I told him, go order an Electra, the Townie or something. He insisted they weren't the right size, which I knew was bullshit, but sort of ignored, because I figured it would take him a while to give up. Instead, he went to Pedal, Power, Bike and Ski here in town (where people have been nice to me, but which has a website with incredibly obnoxious articles, and they are incredibly reluctant to sell me the bikes I want to buy). They told him you couldn't buy a kids bike with internal gears so he bought a fucking specialized with derailleurs and now T. requires verbal assistance to know how to shift gears (one of the many classic problems with derailleurs -- the other getting stuck in a high gear while stopped, and the bad one being the many breakdowns to which derailleurs are subject, plus the maintenance issue, etc.).

It wasn't even cheaper, since it was $400, roughly what an Electra 24 inch 3i (Peace, Townie, Hawaii, etc.) would cost.

I'll be calling a bike shop tomorrow to order the right bike, because (a) I have no desire to verbally coach my kid to use gears that I would happily use nuclear weapons to remove from the planet and (b) if T. turns out to be just fine with derailleurs, the bike will be available for A. when she gets older.

R. does seem to understand that not listening to me when I told him exactly what brand would have what he was looking for was an error on his part. There are many reasons why I love my husband, even when I am incredibly irritated by him.
Tags: bicycles, daily activities
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