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Daily Activities Include: horse, bicycles, Julie's Place

Today, A. went to the horse. T. and I went to Julie's Place. Then we went to the horse. After, we waited until our friends got home from their errands, and then R., T. and the friends went for a bicycle ride. They had a good time, but T. has gotten too big for this bike so R. is shopping for a somewhat bigger one.

A. asked for brownies and was unwilling to accept cupcakes or anything else as a substitute. So I made brownies. This was after making waffles for breakfast (because we were out) and peach crisp in the middle of the day.

R. cooked some steaks on the grill for dinner.

I am currently reading Neil Irwin's _The Alchemists_, which I have mixed feelings about. It is very personality driven, and I don't know that I really respect that given the nature of the story being told. On the other hand, he's not getting anything obviously wrong, and it is sort of nice to have a less technical perspective on the crisis. Policy is, after all, the work of humans acting -- or not acting -- together, so a human and personality focused story may well be the most valid approach of all.

Oh, we also tracked down some photos that R. had printed out at a CVS in Virginia for my sister but had been mysteriously difficult to actually pick up.

Also, yesterday the sales person from SolarCity came by to review the design with us -- apparently our really high roof works out great for solar. No one saw that coming, altho it does makes sense in retrospect. They are claiming they expect it to be up and running in June, but I'll wait and see how things go when they run it past the permitting folks at Town Hall. I won't blame SolarCity if my town is slow on that process.
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