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Random Remarks about the Recent WDW trip

I haven't gotten it together for a real trip report. Sorry!

First off, old Fastpass is done: all those little kiosks have cozies on them. I sort of wish I'd taken pictures.

In the meantime, new Fastpass is awesome! Copy now works, and the app is much less buggy when it comes to shifting selections/showtimes. R. says that when you use up your three selections, you can go to a kiosk and get another one. Supposedly, the app will be updated to have that and related features in the future. My theory is that they basically don't want anyone waiting in line for a ride when they could be out there buying something. But hey, just a theory.

I picked up three of the Mechanical Kingdom series at Art of Disney on Main Street; they didn't have Daisy or Goofy. When I called Guest Merchandise Services, they had the most amazing message in front of the automatic menu system: You Cannot Get Any Frozen Merch Here. Not in those words, but damn close. While we were in the park on Friday, I was determined to get A. into Belle. We had had a fastpass for it, but illness had disrupted our schedule and I wasn't able to get a fastpass for a reasonable time either that day or the following day when we would be flying home. So it was first thing in the morning or never. We were there for line drop at park open (no magic hours in MK that day), but there was a _second_ line drop past the castle and we were routed around the carousel. Why? To set up the line for the princess pictures fairly. Which princesses were so popular? Duh: the combined Anna and Elsa lines. Within five minutes, the line was at 2 hours. Belle was deserted. People trickled in after us, saying the line had gotten to 3 hours within 10 minutes of park open. I have never seen anything quite like it in my life. (And on our first day in MK, I'd been shocked at an afternoon line of 135 minutes for Anna and Elsa!)

It's actually even more appalling: the Fastpasses for Anna and Elsa are booked 30 days out, on a rolling basis.


I've heard from a few different people (who do not know each other) that the Frozen merch availability issues are somehow a Disney Plan to drive up demand. No one -- and I mean _no one_ ever creates this kind of nightmare for themselves.
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