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April 2014 WDW Trip Report: Being Sick, MemoryMaker, Renting a car to visit the Villages

We did three things very differently this trip: we rented a car to drive up to the Villages to spend Easter with family. That went really well. We used National, and the choose your own feature was pretty nice (I believe we got a Corolla), since you could just grab a booster seat from a massive pile. They overcharge for it (daily fee! Ridiculous. And then charge you $70 if you don't return it, which is insane. It's a plain Graco; you can buy one retail for about $20.). We should have just gotten it for 1 day, but I wasn't sure what we were going to do so I got it for 2 and then they don't prorate it if you return it early. I haven't decided if we'll rent a car in the future, but it is nice to know that it is about as fast exiting the airport via DME or rental car -- and DME will still transport your luggage AND it will be in your room for you (at least it was for us) if you do online checkin ahead of time and you're staying in a DVC property. Dunno about the regular hotels.

I got MemoryMaker ahead of time. It's difficult to know if this is cost effective, but we like ride photos and we usually eat at least once at Chef Mickey's and buy the photo, so it's mostly worth it. The process went smoothly, altho seemed to involve a lot of inexplicable duplicates plus having to wade through deleting all the Belle photos you don't want to get to the ones you do (yeah, I know -- these are dumb things to complain about). You're supposed to activate it at Will Call but you can actually do the whole process online. If you are going to buy it online, buy it at least 3 days ahead of time and save $50.

Finally, we were sick. Well, everyone in the group but me. It started with my son, who was really pretty good about getting out of bed to throw up and thus we only needed spare sheets. A. didn't make it out of bed at all, so she needed a full bedding change -- but then she only threw up the one time instead of at frequent intervals for most of 12 hours. R., of course, took care of himself. T. went on to have the runs (but this happens kind of often, because he doesn't like to wash his hands, touches everything and then licks his fingers. If he doesn't die young, he'll have the most highly trained immune system on the planet), as did R.; A. did not. Nor did I. I truly do not understand what happened, but I am suspicious that there were two distinct bugs involved.

There will probably be further trip reports, altho I'll note here that the new IT stuff (MyDisneyExperience) is up and running and working quite well. They've retired the old FastPass and are evolving the new FastPass. 7 Dwarves was not open yet, so I cannot report back on that.
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