walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: R. is sick, Magic Kingdom, Epcot x2, swimming

This morning, T. and R. went to Magic Kingdom while A. and I went to Epcot where we actually used our FastPass+. We did standby on TestTrack, then we did FastPass on it. Then we did the same thing at Nemo. We did Living with the Land (30 minutes listed; 10 at most actual) and then had lunch at Seasons. The Mongolian Beef was a little too heavy on the soy sauce. Then we did Journey Into Imagination (25 minutes listed; might have been 2.5 minutes actual). We also shopped extensively along the way (I said she had to get only one stuffed Figment; ya gotta draw the line somewhere).

We went swimming, then back to the hotel, nominally to eat followed by MK, but we never went to MK because we decided to play with battery toys instead. We got batteries at the little store (two trips: they didn't sell us some batteries because they didn't have them to sell, but they comped them instead. Then we had to come back for the same store because I couldn't come up with a tool to use to unscrew the screw. The other toy I managed just fine with the eyeglasses tool in my toiletries kit.) and then played with the remote control car from Test Track and the helicopter Buzz Lightyear.

R. got sick when, post-swimming, they went to Epcot. He is very sad. I took T. down to the cafe for dinner. A. is zombied out in front of Disney Jr. and I'm feeling very paranoid that I am about to be horribly ill, too.
Tags: daily activities
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