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Today's Activities Include: sick, canceled, Hollywood Studios, swim, Magic Kingdom

This morning at 3:45, T. started being sick. He kept being sick, at roughly 15 minute intervals for many hours. We gave him a little Zantac and later Zyrtec and they both helped -- we think something he ate was bad and also that he has a lot of phlegm and the cough is setting off the vomiting. He also has some of R.'s reflux.

A. and R. went to Hollywood Studios where they saw the Belle and Sebastian show. They went on Star Tours and Midway Mania. They came back and went swimming and then back to the Magic Kingdom. They stayed late.

T. did eat some fries and drank some milk. I am skeptical if this will stay down, but he hasn't thrown up for over 2 hours so he got to pick what he wanted to eat. He sensibly decided to wait on the cookie. He did not eat the chicken nuggets; we are saving those for later, perhaps never.

I am glad I had groceries; I had lunch in the room.

We are going to go to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.

I had to cancel the sitter and the dinner our for R. and me; they are rescheduled to Thursday. Hopefully we will all be well at the same time. The sitter and the restaurant were really nice about it and the reschedule/cancel/restaurant switch at least isn't going to cost me anything more, which is sort of amazing given we were within the 24 hour window.
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