walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: school, parents/kids night out at gym, Red Raven

A. did not have school today. T. had a full day. Today at school, T. had outdoor recess. He says he played by himself. He did not eat his orange for snack (we forgot carrots). He had pizza for lunch. When he got home, he went to get his hair cut. He also scootered a little in the driveway. A. and I scootered around the block. Then, we took A. and T. to Planet Gymnastics for Kids/Parents Nite Out. They got to play for 3 hours and watch Frozen projected on the ceiling. They had a good time. R. and I went to Red Raven where we had a pleasant dinner.

Now we are home, and it is past their bed times, but it was a special night and we all had fun.
Tags: daily activities
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