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Daily Activities Include: A.'s half day, no swimming, school, restaurants, no play date

Today, T. had a full day of school. A. had a half day. Her swimming lesson was canceled. She was a few minutes late to school, because she was watching Frozen and wanted to hear the rest of Let It Go. No one else can walk away from that song, so it is unreasonable to ask her to do so.

Today at school, T. refused to eat his apple for snack. It turns out he has been doing this for a few days. We will try carrots tomorrow. No more apples for a while. He had a cheese sandwich for lunch with R. in the cafeteria. He had speech with C. He had outdoor recess. He played with C. (different C.). They played on the slide.

After school, we were supposed to have a visit from S., which they were both excited about. Alas, S. failed to arrive and calls to her went straight to voice mail. We hope she is okay, and just forgot about us or thought she had already canceled to go out of town or something similar. If someone is sick, we hope they recover promptly and completely.

After R. got home, R. and T. went to Julie's Place (where I already had lunch) for dinner. I took A. to Johnny Rockets. Of course, the kids both had chicken tenders and fries, altho I understand T. had juice and R. ordered chocolate milk which she then mostly ignored and T. drank when we brought it home. I had a salad, and some of A.'s chicken.

A. does not have school tomorrow, but T. does. In the evening, they will go to open gym and watch Frozen and eat pizza and popsicles while R. and I go out to dinner. It's a Parents' Night Out thing and we've never been brave enough to try this before so wish us luck.
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