walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: school, walk, swimming, half day

Today, T. had half day. A. had a full day. I went for a walk. There was snow on the ground from last night. M.'s dog P. had so much fun rolling around in the snow; it was hilarious.

T. came home and we went to the swimming pool where he had his lesson. He is doing really well. He played for a little while after. B. met A. when she came home from school; we drove into the driveway while the van was still there. Then B. took T. to Julie's Place for an early dinner and a hoodsie cup with whipped cream for dessert; he ate everything.

At school today, T. had speech with C. He had Reading Mastery with E. He had indoor recess. He had lunch in the classroom. He says tomorrow he has P.E. with a Mrs. K. who is not E.

A. and T. are both playing Where's My Water 1 or 2. They are having a lot of fun, altho A. keeps making other people play her levels for her.
Tags: daily activities
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