walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: school, Dutch, lunch, house guest

Today, A. and T. went to school. I went to the post office to ship some things off to a friend of mine. Then I drove to my Dutch lesson. After that, I came home, to meet two friends for lunch at Benjarong. It was really good, and wasn't raining too hard, so we walked. Fortunately, we all had hoods because it was raining harder on the way back. I got to show them all the things (painting, new furniture, etc.) that I have been blogging about for months.

After school, A. and T. scootered with umbrellas in the rain. This was pretty cool, but didn't last very long. Then we played Where's My Water on the devices.

When R. got home, M. came with him (friend, not my walking partner). They went with T. to Julie's Place for dinner. Then we all hung out for a while.

At school today, T. had OT group with J., C. and A. He did Touch Math with K. He had indoor recess because it was rainy. He had a cheese sandwich for lunch with R. in the cafeteria. He had an apple for snack in the classroom.
Tags: daily activities
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