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Daily Activities Include: school, dentist, egg decorating, sprinkler

Today, the kids both went to school for a full day. I went to the dentist. Bleah. After, I stopped at Starbucks to get a iced soy mocha no whip, because there is a certain point at which coffee with a bunch of stuff in it seems like a really good idea.

With the coffee inside me, it was okay that I got a call saying my niece's ereader needed to be replaced. I understand that accidents happen with children and ereaders are not expensive any more. Also, the niece very kindly called me and thanked me extensively for replacing it, and my sister has committed to a change in the bedtime routine so the kids are not sleeping with electronic devices in the bed.

I suspect that a _lot_ of people, possibly most people who regularly use electronic devices, are at least some of the time falling asleep with them in the bed. May I please, at this point, urge you to consider improving your sleep hygiene by setting up a charger near your bed where you can decide, at an hour you deem appropriate, to plug the device(s) in and commit to falling asleep. End Public Service Exhortation.

Today at school, T. had OT with J. He did Touch Math with S. He did Reading Mastery with E. They had outdoor recess today. He chased around by himself. He had a cheese sandwich with lunch, with R. in the cafeteria. He had an apple for snack in the classroom.

A. did arts and crafts today, making big tagboard letters for her name which she decorated. She also played with trains, and then it was time to clean up and go home.

When they got home, they played on scooters in the driveway and we hooked up the hose and attached it to the elephant sprinkler. T. fell down and skinned his knee. We went to Roche Bros. to get eggs for decorating. When R. got home, he helped them dye the eggs with kits they got from BuildaBear.
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