walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: open gym, bicycle ride, Willow Books, McDonald's, ice cream

Today, we all went to open gym. But before that, we bought a new game, Frozen Free Fall, a match 3 game from Disney with a Frozen theme. Very cute. Disturbingly difficult after a certain point. After open gym, T. and R. went to McDonald's. A. and I had lunch at home.

After open gym, A., T. and R. went for a bike ride. They were gone a long time. They got ice cream. While they were gone, I took M. to Willow Books, where I bought two books, _Rooting for You_, a children's picture book which I later read to A. and she enjoyed, and _The Power of Habit_, which is quite stunningly flawed. I'll review it later (Notes to self for things to mention: Blackberry, sunscreen, out-of-order description of gay rights movement, football, AA, a David Allen rec is definitively useless, and the usual rule about lack of women mentioned on the cover is a Sign -- and not a good one. Things to check: applause at NASA and Alcoa's email system under Paul O'Neill). I also went for a walk (oddly, by myself). I made salad, fruit salad and snack.
Tags: daily activities
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