walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: taxes, passwords, school, toy store

T. says he wants to go on vacation. So do I, but spring break isn't for another week.

In the meantime, he went to school today, as did A. They went swimming at the Thoreau Club and then went to Wendy's. He read "Fly Guy" to his class today! Which made him a teacher. :-) Then he went home, he says.

Today, I walked with M. I worked on taxes. I changed a few passwords. I went to Red Raven for lunch with R. They have a really great starter which is brussel sprouts which normally is made with butter but they substituted oil, but left in the wonderful maple and bacon. It went well with my mussels and frites. I also got them to bring me a stout in an 8 oz glass, thus reducing the temptation to have Too Damn Much Beer with lunch (I'm really a lightweight these days, especially midday).

The kids have been having fun with noisy putty, which when you push on it into the container, makes farting sounds. It's pretty hilarious.
Tags: daily activities
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