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Daily Activities Include: school, A. swim lesson, play therapy, etc.

Today T. had a full day of school. A. had a half day. She had a swimming lesson in the morning. We went early and she played a little before hand. Then we went to Wendy's and got her some lunch. Then she went to school. In speech, there is another child, J., who also has a swimming lesson (I think his is on Tuesday). They talk about swimming together; it is a shared topic of interest. I think this is helping with both motivation to swim and converse -- the best of all possible outcomes.

T. had an apple for snack. He had outdoor recess. He played with C. They played on the swings. He had lunch in the cafeteria with R. He had a grilled cheese sandwich. He had white milk. He did speech with C.

While the kids were at school, M. and I went to lunch, where I was completely oblivious of the table full of friends trying to get my attention. Eventually, when they were done, they came by and said hello. One of them is renovating his kitchen -- very exciting!

M. and I tried to walk, but the dog did not cooperate so we just hung out instead. Which is fine by me, because I'm still getting over this cold.

After the kids got home, we went to S.'s office for play therapy. After that, we went to Learning Express to buy toys. T. found a Mack Dump Truck made by Broder that was pretty detailed and claimed to be made in Germany, and for the price I paid I sure hope it was, and involved union labor. Amazon does appear to sell it:


T. wanted "bubble trouble" which we believe to be one of the Hasbro board games, probably Double Trouble? They didn't have any in stock so we'll have to order that one.

R. took T. to Julie's Place where he actually ate his chicken for a change; usually it mostly comes home and I have it as leftovers the following day, generally on a salad. Guess I'll have to come up with something else to eat tomorrow.

ETA: T. voluntarily did almost all of the laundry tasks this evening (collecting laundry from two different places, putting it into the machine -- I don't want him deploying the detergent, so I do that part), without prompting but WITH asking permission. I was pretty pleased! And I have to say that this definitely justifies maintaining a crazy simple and uniform laundry routine (we separate out very little; things that must be separated I'll do during a morning load of laundry, but that happens maybe once a week).
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