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Daily Activities Include: school, reshuffle nearing completion, scooter to store

Today, A. and T. went to school. While they were there, I moved furniture. I also walked with M.

When they got home, we went to Roche Bros. on the scooters. We bought cupcakes and sprinkles.

Afterwards, I made dinner. R. and T. went to Julie's Place for dinner. T. got the usual: chicken, fries and apple juice.

At school, T. had indoor in the classroom recess. He apparently had chicken nuggets for lunch as well as dinner. He had an apple for snack. There was a cookie for dessert with his chicken.

He did Touch Math with S.

ETA: We scootered to the store because T. didn't want to go and A. was unhappy with the cupcakes at home. She wanted chocolate frosting, but the store was out the last couple times. _A._ suggested that we scooter and T. was all over that. So I put the bike on my scooter and off we went. They were mostly well behaved. They only had chocolate frosting on chocolate cupcake, full size not mini, which is unfortunate because those kind don't have sprinkles and A. wanted sprinkles. After looking all over for the kind she wanted, and failing, I suggested that we buy the chocolate chocolate no sprinkles cupcakes and buy sprinkles to put on top. This was satisfactory and we returned home. I made sort-of chicken cacciatore (it was with chicken breasts, so really not legit and honestly just not as tasty but acceptable as long as you recognize its limitations) and opened a bottle of wine, which was Erath with a screw top and of course I didn't realize it was a screw top because it's been that long since I opened a bottle of wine. *sigh* Throw away busted cap; get the stopper. It's all good.
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