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Whoa. It's August. Almost. Yikes.

In a week, Roland and I will be married. I think all the appropriate checks have been written for the caterers, the alcohol, the cake, the hall, the DJ, the clothing and various and other sundries not necessarily necessary, but certainly fun ways to help us celebrate with our friends and chosen family. We've got a license. It'll be legal.

In the meantime, we went cycling today, in the heat and humidity. I wore my black bikini top, bike shorts, with a white technical shirt with built-in 30 UPF, that I took off when it was overcast. This outfit garnered a lot fewer weird looks than I would have expected. And a lot of the women looked like they were thinking what a good idea wish I'd thought to do that, not, you slut, which is what I was worried about.

I got the 40 gig iPod, and after much screaming, got the installation right. I'm thinking the apple lossless may be a viable way to switch from CDs to a smaller format, but because there's a level change, it's hard to A/B it on the stereo, so I'll let you know if I come up with a definitive answer.

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