walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Furniture Reshuffle: Stage One Complete

Here is the bookcase from the second floor, now on the third floor.

During the reshuffle

Here is where the bookcase used to be, now empty. We're not going to move two pieces of furniture in one night (crating up the contents, moving them separately, etc. sort of time consuming and exhausting, especially while coughing up a lung, metaphorically speaking of course. I sure hope).

During the reshuffle

Tomorrow, I'll crate up the contents of the lateral file and the hutch above it, and poke around to see how they are connected. I'll also measure the hutch for fit on the 3rd floor where the small bookcase currently is.
I'll move the lateral file contents up to the second floor, but leave the contents of hutch on the first. I will likely wait for R.'s return home before attempting to move the furniture to another floor. I suck at that. He is amazing at it. This is not a girl thing -- I know women who rock at moving furniture up and down stairs. I destroy things. I know my limitations
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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