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Daily Activities Include: school, decluttering

Today was a full day of school for A. and T. I dropped off paperwork at the central office for A.'s kindergarten registration. T. had outdoor recess today. He says he went down the slide with A. (classmate) today. He did reading mastery with E. He did Touch Math with S. He had lunch in the classroom. He had a cheese sandwich, with applesauce. He had an apple for snack. He had morning meeting. He also did OT with J. He worked on telling time on an analog clock with K. He says he felt happy about today and has a big smile when he is telling me about it.

There were a lot of things that needed to be dealt with around the house. I looked at the two pairs of pants which had holes in the knees, concluded they were too worn to be worth repairing and threw them away. I delivered a bag full of my clothes to our local Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station. I put a bag full of the kids clothes in the basement. I took the kids' snow boots from downstairs to the second floor, cleaned them off, and put them in the appropriate closets. I cleared out gloves and hats from the entry hall storage furniture and put them upstairs. I washed the snow pants and put them on the rack to dry.

I uploaded a bunch of photos from my phone to Flickr. I also took new photos, of crocuses in the front yard to use as a home screen background, and of furniture in the house that I intend to reshuffle. I filed paperwork. I made dentist appointments. I made peach crisp. I made soup for lunch and a soft taco for dinner. I made a fresh green salad for the fridge (which is to say, to eat over the next few days). I put photos in the binders. I gave money to a cause I feel very strongly about.

This is how much happens in one day, when the alternative is working on taxes. Seriously: procrastination leads to a really orderly house.

I also ordered a right-angle plugged surge protector to preserve the outlet I'm about to cover up when I rearrange the furniture. This is important, because we hired an electrician to make that outlet a 20 amp circuit to deal with the printer that kept flipping 15 amp circuits.
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