walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A Proposed Furniture Shuffle

The small bookcase (previously said dresser -- I word swap sometimes) on the 3rd floor that I want to move to the first floor next to my chair.

Before the reshuffle

The hutch currently in that location:

Before the reshuffle

Which I want to take the top part of and just use the lateral file, upstairs in my office:

Before the reshuffle

Here is what is currently in that location in the office:

Before the reshuffle

That needs to go somewhere. I'm thinking here:

Before the reshuffle

This has some beautiful aspects: more of the pbooks are consolidated in the library, the overwhelming furniture in the living room that, honestly, is sort of a blight, will become much less imposing and move into the office. Alas, I will need to figure out what to do with what is currently on the small bookcase, and in the location where I want to move the bookcase from the office to. This will likely require negotiation with R.

The lateral file is 34" wide. The second floor bookcase is 31" wide. The space where the lateral file with hutch is is 30" wide (the lateral file overlaps the trim on the window, which is unfortunate). The small bookcase on the 3rd floor is 30" wide, so I think it will fit; it will at least be a lot less tall and overlap the trim much less. In a pinch, I can just swap the lateral file for the 2nd floor bookcase. That would overlap some, for sure, but not as badly.
Tags: decluttering
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