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Daily Activities Include: finished Daley, horse, scooter, Julie's Place, DD, etc.

A. went to the horse this morning. T. and I went around the block on scooters. Then T. and I drove to Julie's Place, because I am still pretty sick and was kind of worn out from going around the block. Julie's Place was packed. We got seats at the counter almost immediately, because there were two and the line was composed exclusively of larger groups. We placed our order quickly, but food did not arrive for a half hour. Super slammed. Also, they no longer serve waffles, at all. Makes sense -- their waffle iron was broken about half the time anyway.

After brunch, T. and I went to therapeutic riding. His riding partner, A., and T. had a great lesson together on a beautiful spring day. After, T. and I went to Dunkin Donuts. Then we went home. T. and R. scootered over to Roche Bros to get some Starburst. I had an early dinner, then went grocery shopping (tough to get cupcakes home while on a scooter; bad things happen if you don't remember the snap on bike basket and even then, it can be dodgy if you hit a bump).

I finished reading the Brian Daley Fitzhugh/Floyt series and hope to review that later tonight.

The kids decided to take a shower together, which looked like a ton of fun and went quickly. They helped with the chores (load dishwasher, collect dirty clothes, load washing machine). They both participated in this blog post as well. T. was pretty excited to show his sister how all this worked.

Tomorrow begins another school week!
Tags: daily activities
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