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Complaining about Charley Davidson series, Darynda Jones

Some years ago, there was talk of boycotting Macmillan, and I noted that I couldn't really, because I never bought anything they published anyway. Recently, an FB friend of my sister's posted favorably about the Charley Davidson series and I was in the mood for trashy novels (that is, I was coming down with something really unpleasant) and the first 3 were on sale for $2.99. I'm currently on number five, and mostly sort of annoyed at things like the attribution of the Don't Cross the Streams quote, and some minor copy editing problems (word-os, for the most part).

However, Charley is having coffee with Nicolette from the hospital, and they are discussing the Rosie case from the first book. HEY SPOILERS! GO AWAY! Anyway, I double-checked, and the blanket that Rosie went back for was _yellow_ because she didn't know if she was pregnant with a boy or a girl. The blanket that Nicolette described was _blue_ because she was going to have a boy. There are no current indications that Charley has spotted this as a problem, which suggests a huge continuity error. [ETA: Actually, Charley volunteers that it was blue, and Nicolette says anyone could have guessed that.] However, I'll have to finish the book to be sure, because Charley goes along with people's mistakes and confusions all the time.

But for the moment, grrr. This is not that hard to get right. All you need is someone prepared to read your latest book immediately after reading the previous series all in a row, and I'm pretty sure that's not that hard to make happen.
Tags: not-a-book-review
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