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Daily Activities Include: sick, more sick, lots of sleeping

Today, A. went to school and stayed there all day. However, we got a call from T.'s school around noon saying he had a low fever, a rash, and the nurse wanted to send him home with a printout from the CDC's website about Fifth's Disease. More importantly, he wanted to come home. So R. went and got him.

I slept in, because I started feeling a lot worse last night. I canceled my walk with M. I did not have my usual call with R. My husband kindly got the kids off to school. I did manage to feed myself a bunch of truly crappy food out of the freezer (yay, steamed buns. Altho bummer that the ones with no milk powder also had no filling, except the batch with sesame seed filling which was pretty good). I also found the no salt added chicken soup (Health Valley, canned) and had a banana. Mostly, however, I slept, occasionally waking up long enough to watch a Daily Show or Colbert Report. I also got up to make sure the kids had dinner, and T. helped me empty the dishwasher and start the washing machine, so we are in no way behind on chores.

Tomorrow is open gym, hopefully.

T. says: I did Touch Math with S. I did CVC with K. We indoor recess today, in the classroom. I had an apple for snack. We also had morning meeting. But I missed the afternoon because I came home sick instead. Three kids were in the class today. One (I.) is missing on a month long trip to China and I think one might be sick (C.). The main teacher, E., is also out sick, so mama got the phone call from K.
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