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Daily Activities Include: school, walk, play date, swimming, half day

Today, at the end of the playdate with S., S. took down the following for T.:

"Oui did scooter make a road. Sunset Road. Lets make it when you are leaving. You get in your car at 5:00 o'clock and you are leaving and going that way -> to Sunset Road. And you will feed your dog. Go to bed at 11:00. And maybe A. will go to bed at 8:30. 9:00 I go to sleep."

T. is learning french, and wanted to spell "we" as the phonetically identical "oui". During the playdate, we put down some pieces of wood to make lanes for the scooter to go down. The next part of the story is about S. going home and what will happen when she gets there. The story ends with discussion of A. and T.'s bed times. T. felt that midnight was too late for S. to be going to bed and proposed 8 p.m. as an alternative, which S. rightly thought was crazy early. They settled on 11 p.m. They all had a good time.

T. had outdoor recess. He played with his friend A., who he also rides the bus with. They took turns going down the slide. T. had a sandwich for lunch. He ate in the classroom, again with A. He says he did not do math or reading mastery, but he did do speech with C. He also did ABA. He says he used "language builder" on the iPad, which turns out to be something called "Sentence Builder" and has the further virtue of being inexpensive.

I had a walk with my friend M. in the afternoon. A. had her half day and went swimming, then we went to Wendy's. Her nose is still running and I still have post-nasal drip and feel generally miserable. However, the weather was again quite beautiful.
Tags: daily activities
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