walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rejected Guion Miller Application 43776

"Appl. #43776-32091

Mary J. Burch being first duly swon, deposes
and says:
My name is Mary J. Burch. I live at Laurel,
ArK. I was born in Bradley Co., Tenn. I was born in 1834
or 1833. I lived in Eastern Tenn. 27 years and then moved
to Ark. I moved out to Ark. just because my husband wanted to
come. I was born with the Cherokee tribe of Indians and was
living right with them in Tenn. I don't know whether I was
a recognized member of the tribe or not. I claim through my
mother, Polly Ann Carson. She was born in Eastern Tenn.
She was about 27 years old I reckon when I was born. I reckon
she was a recognized member of the tribe. They were living
with the Indians the first I can remember. She lived and died
in Tenn. She did not move out west with the Indians because
my grandfather was an American man and they could not make
him come out west with the Indians. My grandmother's name
was Martha Glass. I never made an application for citizen-
ship in the Dawes Commission. If any of my relatives did,
I did not know it. None of my ancestors received any money
or land from the Govt. on account of an Indian blood as I
know of.
See Mary J. Burch's original Appl May J. Lay Burch.
Subscribed and swon to before me at Russellville, Ark. this
12th day of September, 1908.
Ass't to Special Commissioner
U.S. Court of Claims"

Martha Glass and the unnamed grandfather are direct ancestors of mine. This is all very unexpected.
Tags: genealogy
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