walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

What Does That M. Stand For?

Albert L. Battenfield applied to Guion Miller and was rejected. He says his father was Joseph Monroe Battenfield, died in September 1904.

I have a Find a Grave entry, with a picture of the headstone, for Joseph M Battenfield, who served in the confederate forces. He died in 1905 according to the headstone (but I've got other lying headstones in my family records).

There appears to be a confederate pension record application for him, giving his death date (in an index, so we know how accurate those are) as 18 Oct 1903. A user of ancestry has helpfully supplied his middle name as Matlock.

A helpful user of ancestry has supplied his middle name as Metcalf, for an index entry for a Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Record for him.

This is clearly one of _those_ families.

ETA: Also, Albert Lafayette gave his birth year as 1878 for the old man's draft for WWI. Seriously. This is one of those families.
Tags: genealogy
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