walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: open gym, Julie's Place and McDonald's, grocery store, scooter/walk, etc.

Today, R. and I walked around the block while A. and T. scootered. It was a lot of fun and unlike a similar outing a couple years ago, we returned undamaged.

After our scooter/walk, we went to open gym. After open gym, I took A. to McDonald's, while R. and T. went to Julie's Place. T. got "the usual" at Julie's Place: chicken fingers, fries and apple juice. A. had the 4 piece chicken nugget happy meal and was very excited to get a My Little Pony toy with it.

R. and I are still sick. We mostly just hung out. The kids played together. I finished my book, wrote and posted a book review; wrote most of a book review of another book I read recently (will post that shortly). I also wrote a couple of short parenting articles that will become an extension of my online reproduction book.

Overall, a pleasant day, especially considering the weather and the state of our collective health.

T. and I also called his cousin J., who had a birthday today. I sang Happy Birthday to him. T. did also.
Tags: daily activities
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