walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Statistics I don't believe: cellphones and sex edition

There are a couple of statistics making the rounds that I don't believe. One of them (eighty some odd percent of women want to be asked before having anal sex) I don't believe because I don't believe _anyone_ wants to be surprised in that particular way (and the statistic purports to be about women who want to have anal sex, so what you were thinking as an alternative explanation isn't); also, there's never a source.

But then there's the one about 20% or whatever of people admit to having used a cell phone while having sex. Arianna Huffington was on the Daily Show last night, and Jon Stewart flat out said he didn't believe it, and Arianna is all, how would you know, you're a happily married man. And this is the point where we all remember that she used to be conservative, and married to a gay guy.

So I don't know, but I still kinda don't believe the 20% of people using a cell phone while having sex. Because seriously, how desperate is their partner that they are putting up with that.


File this under Kids These Days?

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