walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: decluttering, A. stayed home, grocery shopping, school

Today at school, T. did Reading Mastery with E. Yesterday evening we bought the first Fly Guy book for T.'s iPad. The author is Tedd Arnold. This is the first book that T. has requested to be purchased on an electronic device. He did Touch Math with S. He had pasta for lunch. He says it had red sauce with little bits of meat. There may have been vegetables in it also. They had outside recess. They also had morning meeting. He may also have had inclusion.

When he got home, T. and A. played together in her room. He helped her with Snail Bob. There was a fight before that, but once they settled down, they had a nice time and kicked me out.

A. stayed home sick today and watched Peppa Pig, then played Snail Bob. She didn't eat very much.

I worked on decluttering the hutch and moving its contents to various other storage locations and some of it to go out of the house (some of what came out of the closet to make room for stuff from the hutch is already in the trunk of the car).
Tags: daily activities
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