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Decluttering: the second dresser conceals a multitude of sins

For the first couple years we were in this house, I had a stack of mail on the corner of the counter and part of a drawer underneath that were my mail and bits of business. I hated that. I bought a two drawer lateral file with a hutch with bookshelves on top, stuck it by my chair in the living room and designated it the home office. It took another year or two to finish getting the mail off the counter, and I've had a year of being successful at keeping my paperwork out of the kitchen (despite R.'s many attempts to restart that pile). The hutch is an ongoing disaster, but at least it's not in the kitchen.

Since the master bedroom closet was redone, I have shelves (including for shoes) and drawers in the closet, in addition to a large dresser in the bedroom and a drawer in the nightstand. Alas, the drawers in the bedroom closet, which I was thinking could maybe hold some of the contents of the hutch (thus consolidating my two pseudo-offices) has become distressingly full of what can really only be described as crap.

So I'm filling bags to go to the middle class guilt reduction station, and bins of things I'm not sure what to do with but certainly don't belong in that drawer, and simultaneously moving things from the hutch into those drawers and/or onto the remaining bookcase in my upstairs office. And moving books from that bookcase to the third floor, which is where they belong anyway I was just too lazy to put them all the way away.

Along the way, I found the newer blood pressure monitor and got it out. That thing has a motor in it, rather than a bulb to inflate it. Both do the read part electronically, but the motor in conjunction with the memory of past readings really makes this thing sort of amazing. (And no, I still don't have high blood pressure.)

In an effort to reduce interruptions from A., who is home sick (she really is pretty sick, just not running a high fever), I have been teaching her how to use the remote for the apple TV. She is watching Peppa Pig episodes and they are _short_.

ETA: Music CDs that need to be imported. Photo CDs that need to be uploaded. Really, that hutch is where projects go when they aren't making forward progress. Also, a truly nutty number of headlamps. We have a _lot_ of Petzls.
Tags: decluttering
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