walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: horse, toy store, Dunkin' Donuts

Because A. lost a tooth yesterday, this morning, she got a red gift certificate for Learning Express to take to the store with R. and buy whatever she wanted, which included playdo (because she always wants more of that), a floor puzzle with the (not to scale, but with 8 planets) solar system on it, and a plastic miniature pet carrier with a stuffed animal (a cat) in it. They went after A. went to therapeutic riding.

T. and I hung out until it was time for him to go to therapeutic riding. His riding partner was not having a good day, which was a bummer. Then T. and I went to Dunkin' Donuts. After that, we went home and T. decided he wanted a plastic miniature pet carrier with a stuffed animal in it, so we went to the toy store to get one. We got there 15 minutes before closing (oops! Could have been bad if I thought they were going to close at 5 instead of 4), and they only had one left, a different color (purple instead of pink) and with a dog instead of a cat. But it was okay.
Tags: daily activities
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