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What Good Customer Service Looks Like When Odd Things Happen

I've been getting card refusals intermittently, possibly because I have credit monitoring in place in the wake of the Target breach. Once of the refusals turned out to be an out of date address that was buried in a computer system; once it was corrected, there was no problem. Today, I got an email from Amazon that in part read:

"We want to inform you that we are having difficulty processing your payment
and thus are unable to proceed with your Kindle order."

Part of the wonder of kindle is instant gratification. And they made sure that instant gratification was in no way affected, adding this:

"Though your order may have already been delivered to you, it is important
that you visit the following page to verify and/or update payment
information for this order"

Which is interesting. I pressed the retry card button on _site_ not on the email (in the unlikely event that this was a horribly detailed phish), and the card worked. When I checked in over on the card's website, they are doing some maintenance this weekend; perhaps that was a part of the hiccup.

I'll have to do some additional checking to determine whether or not the item in question actually downloaded before payment or not. But trusting that the payment will materialize in the future is definitely the correct choice, given the long-standing nature of the relationship between this customer and that vendor. I can only hope that as our "privacy" disappears with large businesses who track our every purchase, they compensate in some small way by not being incredibly annoying when there is a minor failure along the way.

Also, Amazon Smile. Weird, but cool.
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