walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: open gym, McDonald's, shopping, Peppa Pig, loose teeth, Peterboro diner

A. has _two_ really loose teeth (front, bottom); she is sucking on them constantly. Kind of annoying, but probably a good idea.

We all went to open gym today; A. wiped out about 15 minutes early. I think she has a cold, too.

A. and I went to McDonald's (in town, since she wanted to go inside anyway). Other than that, she mostly just wants to watch Peppa Pig, which is fine, except wow are those episodes short.

I went to Roche Bros. with T. today, in search of canned pineapples (for future upside down cake), peaches (for peach crisp), coconut milk (for peanut sauce). I resorted to Amazon for tamarind paste.

ETA: T. and R. went to Peterborough diner. That is in New Hampshire and quite a long drive. T. was excited about a picture taken of him when he was quite small. He wanted to know where it was taken. We told him about Peterborough diner, and he wanted to go again. R. brought his big camera to open gym and then they went to the diner. Peterborough is very scenic, with nice tourist-y shops and art and things. They had a good time. T. had a chocolate shake and fries, but there was so much shake and fries he didn't eat much of his enormous pile of chicken, so that mostly came home.
Tags: daily activities
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