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Today's Activities Include: open gym, Johnny Rockets, Wendy's, CVS

Today, the kids went to open gym. After that, T. and R. went to Johnny Rockets. A. and I went to Wendy's. Then, A. and I went to CVS to pick up an 8x10 print of a photo that my sister requested. I'm trying to figure out the best way to send it to her. I should have had it printed at a CVS near her; perhaps I will find a book the kids might like, and send it in the book.

I've been enjoying reading Ruth Bordin's _Woman and Temperance_. My primary complaint here is that I'm not convinced that Bordin really understands the doctrinal issues that drove women to insist on organizations completely separate from men (and why women who could be capable leaders could barely speak when men were in the room, and certainly could only lead a prayer when men were not present, or at any rate, men who were believers were not conspicuously present). I do, because I was raised in a crazy time warp. At a minimum, they should have been better explained for the benefit of the reader, who is unlikely to understand them.

ETA: In the event, T. decided he wanted the "A. Waking Up" picture on his wall, so we took down one of his, removed it from the frame, popped in the new one, put the old photo into an album, and sent the bits over to a CVS near my sister's house for pickup tomorrow or Monday. Modern technology. It is cool.
Tags: daily activities
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