walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Amazon Prime price raise

I got the letter that others, such as Nate over at The Digital Reader, have mentioned. It amazes me that Amazon Prime has been around for nine years! I don't know if I've had it the whole time, but I know I've had it for close to that whole time.

While UBS did some research suggesting this price rise was in the offing and that some, perhaps even many, Prime subscribers would cancel in the wake of this change, I was highly skeptical. While I try to avoid shopping anywhere else online, I'm not always successful and it has become apparent that shipping charges have risen generally, and Prime continues (for me at least) to be a screaming deal.

I think one of the odder aspects of this is the idea that a retailer would tell me in _March_ about a price rise that won't affect me directly until mid-October.
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