walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: school, French lesson, lunch at Cambridge Brewing Company

T. wants to blog about what we did today. T. got up, got dressed, ate, rode the van to school, learned things, came home, and played with his sister. They watched episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Paw Patrol.

R. and I went to my Dutch lesson, only it was a French lesson today, which was fun. Then we had lunch at the Cambridge Brewing Company. Many thanks to I., who sent us a gift card. We both got fish and chips and had beer and cleaned our plates. R. bought two large bottles to bring home for later consumption.

A. had pajama day at school. She heard that R. was going for a bike ride and wanted to ride her bike to school. So we got out her little Townie with the training wheels, figuring she'd give up in the cold, but no, she did not. I kept her from falling out into traffic and she mostly stayed upright until we got to the middle school, where she decided to walk instead. We abandoned the bike, walked her to preschool (really late) and then I walked back. I retrieved the abandoned bike and got it home, somewhat laboriously. My walking partner kindly waited for me. We went for a walk and had a snack and then R. and I went into town for the lesson and lunch.
Tags: daily activities
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