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_Up from the Grave_, Jeaniene Frost (kindle) SPOILERS RUN IN FEAR AAAAUUUUGGH

This is the last entry in the Bones/Cat Night Huntress series, altho it's less clear whether/how many additional novels there will be in the universe.

Last August, the author posted http://jeanienefrost.com/2013/08/the-grave-stops-here/, which includes this:

"Does this mean you’ll never see Cat and Bones again after Up From The Grave? Well, not in a full novel with them as the main characters. They may show up as side characters in spin-off novels, as they did in First Drop of Crimson, Eternal Kiss of Darkness, Once Burned and Twice Tempted. I’m also not completely ruling out a future short story with them, but that’s a big maybe. It’s nothing I’m planning on at this time."

Hopefully you saw the subject line; there really are spoilers here.

More or less by definition, a romance novel is about the creation of a new family unit. That might be Just a Dyad, a romantic pair that gets together and has a definitive break with their previous families and/or identifies to the larger world as a Pair (by telling friends, getting engaged, getting married, moving in together, etc.) But it can be other things: a triad, a poly group, and it may include people who are not part of the family unit romantically, but are nonetheless members (adopted, foster, step or bio- kids). In a romance series, readers often meet friends, siblings, etc. of the initial novels protagonists finding their romantic other(s), while as now secondary characters, the once protagonists of the first novel become background characters who listen sympathetically (or impatiently), make sardonic remarks, provide shoulders to cry on, attend weddings, have babies, etc.

Cat and Bones were, presumably, not going to have bio-kids, but in the course of this series, Bones has created vampires and co-created ghouls. Anyone who was paying attention to the sample provided for this entry (the prologue as published) had to be wondering when Cat was going to become a Mom. Because it sort of seemed inevitable; the only question was how.

I was _really really really_ hoping for cloning. Which, alas, did not happen. And of course any offspring of Cat is going to set off the same kind of species warfare that Joan of Arc and then Cat each (nearly) triggered, and which lead to Joan's Real Death and Cat's conversion to full vampire. So while we all know there's a lethal little girl, and she's going to be hard to keep alive, the details nevertheless make for a satisfying novel which requires the assistance of many secondary characters who have already had their own ancillary novels, and a few who haven't (and honestly, I'm a little frightened to try to visualize a romance involving Veritas altho whoa and like damn would that be something; if Frost writes one, I hope Veritas' loved one(s) include at least one woman).

It's clearly a wrap up novel and thus a terrible place to start reading this series. But it was a highly enjoyable read, and by providing such a satisfying ending, it makes the rest of the series that much better. Thank you, Ms. Frost.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction

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