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Today's Activities Include: no swimming, hair, emotion focused therapy

Alas, the swim instructor is feeling under the weather (there seems to be a stomach bug making the rounds), so T. did not have his afternoon swimming lesson, nor will A. have hers tomorrow morning. I had a hair appointment (more purple!) today, and went to Julie's Place for lunch afterwards. When I got home, the Nest had concluded that everyone was Away, and turned the heat down; it was barely 60 degrees in the house. I turned it up, went upstairs where the dumb thermostat had kept the second floor around 66 degrees, and did laundry while the downstairs warmed up.

My walking partner visited, but we could not go for a walk because T. didn't want to. We hung out and chatted instead. She kindly brought over _The Circle_ by Dave Eggers, so I got to sample it and read the ending. It's just another example of how people who forget that children exist and parenting happens make the world a much more confusing and fucked up place in theory than it actually is in reality. Specifically, parents almost universally, are incredibly defensive of kids' privacy, and that has repercussions for the scenario described in the book. As near as M. could tell reading it, or I could by sampling it, none of this factors in at all. But you know, if you have trouble keeping up on email and FB and other social networks, and find even these forms of communication to be intrusive, yeah, creating that particular paranoid fantasy probably makes sense, even tho every single instance in which people were surveilled 24x7 for extended periods of time demonstrates conclusively that people get real inured, real fast, to other people watching (and judging) them. Whatever. I'm not going to actually read the book, so please recognize that this is in no way a review.

I also got a couple of kindle books about EFT, emotion focused therapy. I thought that there was probably a new branch of couples therapy out there since I had last paid attention and when I found this one, I was pleasantly astounded! It is wonderful. I'll post reviews when I finish reading the books, but if you are shopping for marital/couples/relationship counseling, seriously, get something like _Attached_ by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. It's fantastic in every way. I'll probably be inflicting it on all my friends and family over the next few months.
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