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Today's Activities Include: Even More White Stuff, a small misunderstanding, lunch at Red Raven

It was supposed to rain today. It did not. It snowed. Other than noting that I foolishly believed the snow would turn into rain and thus went out into it in the car with my son, I'm not saying anything more about the white stuff. Enough has been said about white stuff.

The small misunderstanding was between the play therapist and me. We were supposed to have a session here at the house, with both kids and possibly other children (but I didn't arrange other kids). Alas, A. and T. had a series of arguments, and so A. departed with the sitter to Jam Time. When the therapist was 10 minutes late, T. suggested we call. I did; she thought we were meeting at her place with just T. So off we went (it wasn't my mistake; it was hers. However, we'd had a series of cancellations so really no one's actual fault), because, as noted above, I thought the snow would turn to rain. I got very nervous watching the snow pile up on the car while we played. We made it back to the house safely.

We had a hotel reservations in Danvers where there is an indoor water park; I didn't feel like driving out there with all that slush on the road. I called them and they were very nice and adjustments to the reservation were made and it isn't even going to cost us anything for the night we aren't using. Which is pretty awesome.

My husband and I went out to Red Raven; I got the fried clam po boy, which was fabulous. Also, the raspberry mint sorbet, similarly excellent.
Tags: daily activities

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