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Today's Activities Include: a day of cancel, short power outage

I got some of the expected cancels (for our local school district and for T.'s school from last year) this morning at 5 a.m. However, there was a bit of extra excitement. T.'s current classroom is in Harvard (the town, not the university) and his teachers told him yesterday there would be no school today. The superintendent, however, like many superintendents, had some other theory about who got to make that decision, and we received a robocall saying there would be early dismissal.

Really? T.'s bus is not provided when my town (where, oddly, the relevant bus operation is located) is canceled and my town was canceled, which implied I would have to provide transportation to and from school for him. Yeah, that wasn't gonna happen. I concluded that just because Harvard was foolish enough to open the school didn't imply that I needed to be foolish enough to drive him in and tried to go back to sleep. I had more or less succeeded, so I didn't actually bother to grab the phone to listen to the second Harvard robocall, wherein the superintendent explained that upon further reflection, they were going to close the schools after all.

Sensible of him.

I have no idea why there are so many nominal decision makers who aren't the de facto decision makers. Obvs, this poor man got a whole lot of feedback on his earlier decision. We should just put the de facto decision makers in charge. You know: set up a website and let parents and teachers express whether they intend to send their kids to school/show up for work. Whenever the percentage falls below a certain level, just shrug and close it up. Democracy in action. Because you know that's what's going on behind the scenes anyway. The teachers, aides and bus drivers _always_ know what the superintendent is going to decide before he even seems to.

My son's previous school district is where A.'s swim lesson is. The pool was closed today, so no lesson.

For a little added frisson of excitement, the power went out here at around 8:15 or so, coming back on an hour and a half later. R. got the generator up and running, so we had power, and the gas fireplace works regardless (as does the stove, if you get the lighter out). It was nice to have a daylight run of the generator; I think this may have been the first time we ran it to power the house since we got it, but R. could say for sure.
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