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Today's Activities Include: Threes, Starbucks app freebies, walk, more cancel

Today's cancel was T.'s swim lesson, because he is still recovering from his cold. Tomorrow, we are expecting an entire day of cancel, starting with A.'s swim lesson, along with both kids school, and T.'s one-on-one play therapy appointment (we've never actually made it to one of these, actually -- that's how bad the Winter of Cancel has been). If the snow doesn't fly, I'm going to be busy, but my best guess is we aren't going outside except with a shovel to clear the walk for a visit with my walking partner who I will not walk with.

I first saw Threes reviewed over on The Verge. I thought, meh. Then I saw a review over at Ars Technica and resigned myself to the inevitable. I have also successfully hooked R., at least temporarily. We'll see if this is a single day thing or has persistence. Impossible to describe, cheap, easy to learn how to play and then you can play it a lot trying to figure out how to get better at it. It's not a match three game, either, so a little unusual that I was hooked this fast.

Last night, I watched TRMS more-or-less live, because I planned on going to sleep immediately after. To amuse myself during the ads (which I normally skip through because I usually start watching it mid-program on the Tivo and catch up over the course of the show), I surfed around on my phone, did some updates, etc. I noticed that the Starbucks app (where I store gift cards, which I receive at a rate of approximately 1 a year, and I won't ever use the card if I have to carry it, so this is awesome) had 66 messages. W.T.F. Turns out the app has a free song, free app and additional promotion every week (or almost every week). The media freebies are delivered as iTunes codes (at least for me -- I have no idea if/how this works on Android, but I'm at least moderately curious) which don't expire immediately, so I retrieved several, deleted all the messages and played Help Me Fly for a while, which, if I had not downloaded Threes, I would probably still be playing. Help Me Fly is a cute puzzler.

So: if you're looking for ways to waste your time, Threes is absolutely worth it, Help Me Fly is okay, and the Starbucks app is a source of free music, apps and other goodies (an occasional iBook, type of thing).
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