walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities Include: Volcano Causes 8 Dinosaurs to Die

Since last week, A. has been asking us to make a volcano, like in her preschool class. Today, R. got out a little metal prep cup, some baking soda and the cleaning vinegar. He set it up on a plate and A. demanded dinosaurs. We had some from party favors some months/years ago, that the kids had brought home, and I had saved, on the theory that sooner or later someone will demand dinosaurs and this will be a temporary stopgap until the stores open. Finding them took a few rounds of the upstairs shelves, but once delivered, A. put them under the foaming white stuff and exclaimed, "They all died! All the dinosaurs died!" cackling all the while.

Ah, to be young. :-)
Tags: daily activities

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