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Mutter Something About EMV and aging ATMs

I've been attempting to reconcile how we can possibly exist in a while in which the following are true at the same time: ATMs still running really old versions of Windows (I _really_ hope all the OS/2 ones are gone or upgraded) that are no longer supported by Microsoft AND a world in which the liability shift for ATMs that don't process EMV cards using EMV occurred in, like April of _last_ year.


"April 2013
Acquirers and sub-processor mandate to fully
process EMV transactions. Cross border
Maestro ATM liability shift to non-EMV ATMs."

What does that mean? That means if someone comes up to an ATM which only does mag-stripe (ignores chip if present) AND there is fraud associated with a transaction on that card at that ATM, the ATM owner has to eat it. Versus before, when it wasn't (all?) on them. So you would think, gosh, why haven't the ATMs upgraded? Odds on, they mostly have, and all those ancient ATMs running really old systems are somewhere that transaction sizes are very low ($20) and fees very high ($5 to the machine).


Should have thought of that.

However, that above link seems hard to reconcile with this:


Which suggests the ATM EMV compliance deadline is in 2017?

May also be helpful for figuring this out, given that I was quoting the mastercard timeline above, and here's another version of MC's timeframe for ATMs:


Oh, silly me! Maestro ATMs are the European and other international ones.



"A reality, per Lillelund: all U.S. cards will not suddenly be EMV-compliant by October 2015. He estimated 30% to 60% percent will be."

I guess I don't really understand that, but I'm sure it will eventually make sense.
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