walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Ah, Bostonians


My husband likes to joke that people in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville think they need to pack an overnight bag when they go out to Worcester. So I guess thinking that Maynard is "farm country" fits right into that theory of the universe.

*eye roll*

"Originally, I'm from Roslindale and my wife is from Watertown. Now we're in farm country and we are just fine with that."

Look, he moved from the "Bushwick" of Boston Metro, to outside 128. So I do sort of understand his perspective. But much like my cousin J. describing Acton as "rural" (ha! I'd only just recently escaped Brookline, NH), I just have to laugh.

Realistically, Maynard is where all the fast food franchises with drive thrus locate, because their surrounding neighborhoods don't allow them. Also, that's where DEC's mill was located, so there's tons of tech incubators there (also, location of Monster.com). Calling it "farm country" is asinine. If you eat lunch at one of the Maynard restaurants (of which there are many) you will definitely notice a ton of work conversations going on around you and if your group engages in lively tech conversation, a recruiter will probably deposit business cards at your table.


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