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Daily Activities Include: Yesterday was a Snow Day, eye appointment, cancels, etc.

Both kids missed swimming lessons this week (snow day and other unrelated). I actually had an eye appointment, wherein I learned that, just like in 2011, my prescription had not changed and I Might Need Bifocals Real Soon Now. I'm resisting bifocals, because I have an phobia about falling downstairs. Might not be a phobia -- it might be rational, because I've fallen down stairs a couple of times in the last decade and I really don't want it to happen again. My luck is going to run out and I'm going to break a wrist or something. I know _way_ too many women who got bifocals and promptly starting falling when they never had before. Coincidence? I seriously doubt it.

Yesterday was a snow day. The prediction was accurate. Schools were closed. Some businesses were or opened late. Everyone seemed pretty well behaved and the plows got out and about (altho they haven't done all the sidewalks yet).

T. continues to ask every day when Apple will give him his status bar back (he doesn't like the transparent version). We are working on Rosetta Stone French together. He has the same consonant problems in French that he has in English, but all in all, I think his French might be marginally clearer, because of overall maybe fewer consonants? Hard to tell.

A. has decided to go back and somewhat systematically watch all of the Backyardigans episodes (or at least all of the ones we have on the Tivo, which is more than 70). It's always interesting when the kids like a show and watch it obsessively, then abandon it, then return and watch it again and clearly get totally different things out of the second go 'round. I've always been like that with video, music and books, so it makes sense they are, too.
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