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The Calendar

I still use a paper calendar. My current favorite is Amy Knapp's Big Grid Family Organizer, because it has enough space on each day to write on, and doesn't waste a bunch of space on a pretty picture. (I have art for that, also calendars around the house that we _do not_ put appointments on, that have pictures taken by people we know and love.). I know other people who, at least until recently (maybe even now) were still using paper address/contact books. I switched over to electronic contact management back in my Palm/Treo days, but while I did switch over to the calendar at that time, I got screwed by it, and then went back to paper. Further, when I attempted to transition to google calendars, I got screwed by that, too. Sure, it's probably just me Doing Something Wrong, but I don't have that problem with paper so it kind of aggravates me when I have that problem with a replacement. You know. World ends. Etc.

However, T. has been obsessed with calendars. He has a better understanding of time of day, day of week, month of year, and various upcoming appointments that a lot of adults I know (granted, I do hang out with a lot of forgetful people). And he's been pretty focused on getting calendar information onto his phone. So I'm making another attempt to get the paper calendar's information into electronic form again, this time using the apple calendar (mostly because I haven't been recently screwed by them, and hope springs eternal, etc.).

Yesterday, I had a huge panic attack triggered by looking at two months worth of calendar in detail all at once. I knew, in theory, that this kind of thing made me anxious and I avoided it, but wow I had no idea it would send me right over the edge. So I'm going to pace myself. I did February today. I'll either do this two months per day (one morning, one evening), or one month per day (more likely) or less frequently still. I expect this project to take over a week (I schedule stuff over a year out). And of course I'll have to figure out a way to maintain in synchrony, too. :(

I can tell there are good reasons for not having done this sooner.
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